My Private Chef


My Private Chef offers a luxurious opportunity to both clients and their guests to explore and indulge in an array of taste experiences through their unique catering services. Each menu showcases a hybrid of Modern Australian, Mediterranean, Asian and seafood cuisines to take guests on an exclusive culinary expedition.

At the foundation of My Private Chef is the sensationally skilled and professional team of qualified chefs and hosts. Irrespective of the event, our trusted team provide a humble and intimate dining experience for all involved.

From our team to our carefully curated menus, My Private Chef embodies a fusion of flavours, fine-dining and finesse to guarantee an experience unlike any other.


Food is life,
and we want to bring
life to your table.




Our founding directors created My Private Chef with the vision of reshaping the perception and delivery of catering within the culinary industry. Their goal was to present extraordinary, fine-dining and accessible experiences to a greater audience.

The well-traveled and dynamic team behind My Private Chef reflect the exceptional culinary standard on offer. A glance at their carefully considered menus cleverly portray an essence of worldliness and multicultural merging.

The team consists of expert chef’s and event staff, with skillsets gained cooking around the globe from Europe (London, Spain, Ibiza) to Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket). As well as working within a variety of chef-hatted and highly awarded restaurants.

The event staff’s profound management and styling expertise of Maitre d’/restaurant management, floristry and styling, complements the culinary abilities to perfect the client dining experience and have made My Private Chef what it is today. My Private Chef truly is a first-class, fine-dining extraordinaire of the food industry.



Our Services


My Private Chef’s meticulously-crafted menus and services showcase our passion for merging multicultural dishes from fresh and locally sourced produce to ensure an exclusive culinary experience every time.



The exceptionally experienced and professional team behind My Private Chef liaise closely with clients to curate a unique all-inclusive menu, covering all aspects of cooking, styling and setup, leaving them to entertain and enjoy the event with their guests.

My Private Chef’s signature approach to each event offers a fusion of flavour, fine-dining and finesse, providing a personalised and supportive role in the organisation of all events to guarantee a contemporary culinary experience unlike any other.

Private chef catering


As with our clients, the My Private Chef team communicate closely with local farmers and suppliers to source the highest quality ingredients for our dishes. Menu composition involves the careful consideration and storytelling of the vast array of elite local Australian produce selected to form the key components of our contemporary cuisine. At My Private Chef we believe there is no substitute for quality when it comes to ingredients. This is why we only cook with the best to provide you with a high calibre, fine-dining experience.


Complementary to our signature approach is our extensive knowledge and motivation for combining classic technique with contemporary cuisine. The My Private Chef team represent a collaborative wealth of worldliness, culinary creativeness and fine-dining experience; stemming across Michelin-star kitchens, super yachts and personal chef opportunities for high-profile clientele. This collaboration of skill is portrayed within the thoughtful composition of menus, featuring hybrids of international flavours using only the highest quality ingredients.