Why You Should Have A Private Chef At Your Next Event…

In this fast-paced, fast food society with a plethora of takeaway restaurants and rows of TV dinners in the supermarket, a fully immersive dining experience may be considered a luxury – reserved only for those times when something is truly worthy of celebration. So when a special event comes around, you want to make sure that you honour the occasion the best way possible.

One of the most popular ways to celebrate is over a meal with loved ones. There is a beauty in sharing delicious, wholesome food with cherished friends and family that makes an occasion both special and memorable. Often, however, the idea of planning the day is more enjoyable than the preparation and, sometimes, even the execution. Preparing an event can be a stressful task that is only made more daunting when the event you are planning is meaningful to you. Initially you may have considered making reservations at a restaurant but as the special day approaches, you could find yourself spending hours researching local restaurants in search of that seamless blend of delicious, gourmet food and a homely, warm atmosphere to play host for your event. The perfect restaurant has the right combination of warm lighting, gentle ambience, eye-catching decor and quality gourmet food that you simply wouldn’t produce yourself at home.

Restaurants are fantastic for those nights that you just don’t feel like cooking or are planning fun dinner date with your partner. While a restaurant may be your initial choice to host your event as well, perhaps there are certain aspects of this that are unappealing to you for this occasion. Often there can be a lack of privacy; a need to vacate the table for another booking, or perhaps the inability of the restaurant to accommodate decorative requests.

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“Hiring a Private Chef to cater for your special occasion means that you have more control over the planning and implementation of your event.”

Hiring a Private Chef to cater for your special occasion means that you have more control over the planning and implementation of your event. With a Private Chef you are given the freedom to decide the location; when your guests will arrive and depart; and you can decorate your venue in any way you choose. With a Private Chef, you have the freedom to decide what music is played – if any – and you don’t have to worry about being too noisy for the table next to you because there isn’t one! You have the ability to provide your guests with a place to stay should they enjoy a little too much of the delicious wine you served. You can provide those guests with young children the chance to celebrate with you a little longer while their children sit with a movie in the playroom, or even go to bed.

Gone are the days of Private Chefs being strictly available to the aristocratic society. Today, a Private Chef is available to all in a setting of the hosts choosing. Be it a yacht, holiday home, private home, hotel room or even a private jet – your event can be fully catered to. A Private Chef combines the stress-free experience of going to a restaurant with the privacy and freedom that is available to you when you host the event at home. Just like when you attend a restaurant, a Private Chef will not only provide quality, delicious and well-presented meals, certain companies will also take care of the clean-up. So all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

A Private Chef provides an intimate, personalised and memorable event to help make your special occasion unique – the way every event should be!

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