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Why You Should Have A Private Chef At Your Next Event…

In this fast-paced, fast food society with a plethora of takeaway restaurants and rows of TV dinners in the supermarket, a fully immersive dining experience may be considered a luxury – reserved only for those times when something is truly worthy of celebration. So when a special event comes around, you want to make sure that you honour the occasion the best way possible.

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Where to find the best fruits and vegetables on the Gold Coast?

Once a quiet little surfing town, the Gold Coast has evolved to be a famous tourist destination for many reasons – the white sand beaches, stunning mountain ranges and beautiful weather, to name a few. For those of us who are lucky enough to call ourselves locals, we are treated to all the beauty of this destination as well as the somewhat hidden delights that appear every weekend at destinations peppered all around the Coast – the Farmers Markets.

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Honey, honey!

One of the most popular products that people are keen to find locally is honey. For this, the Gold Coast has an array of options and a growing list of reasons for wanting to buy local. Aside from wanting to support local producers and boost the local economy, the benefits of purchasing local honey extend to a few more interesting and important reasons.

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