Where to find the best fruits and vegetables on the Gold Coast?

Once a quiet little surfing town, the Gold Coast has evolved to be a famous tourist destination for many reasons – the white sand beaches, stunning mountain ranges and beautiful weather, to name a few. For those of us who are lucky enough to call ourselves locals, we are treated to all the beauty of this destination as well as the somewhat hidden delights that appear every weekend at destinations peppered all around the Coast – the Farmers Markets.

In recent years, people have been turning away from mainstream supermarkets for their fresh food and instead have become loyal patrons of their local Farmers Markets. These markets were previously just found in car parks or blocked off streets however since popularity has increased, organisers of these events have expanded to appeal to and accommodate a more well-rounded demographic. From the organic consumer to the gourmet & specialty food connoisseur, local markets now cater to them all.

Nature’s Best – The Organic Farmers Market in Miami

Organic Farmers Markets are no longer a rarity that take place in the backstreets of town every second week. A growing trend of inviting pesticide free food into your home has meant that Gold Coast locals are treated to a variety of locally grown, naturally treated fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. Every weekend, Miami State School open their gates and provide an open-air location for friendly local growers to sell their recently harvested crops. Enjoy a leisurely stroll amongst the tents and liaise with like-minded individuals in pursuit of the freshest organic food.

The Gourmet Experience – Brickworks in Southport

The popular Ferry Road Market has provided the Gold Coast with a different market shopping experience. As well as providing an incredible variety of fruits and vegetables, Ferry Road Markets have sourced and combined a unique range of specialty stores into a collective to provide an exclusive shopping, and dining, experience. For shoppers who are in search of specialty items that would perhaps be too unique for the standard supermarket, Ferry Road Markets has an abundance of delightful choices ranging from meats, cheeses, deli-products, ice-creams, cakes and fish. Meet up with friends for a coffee and cake while you complete your weekly shopping. Ferry Road Markets provide an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a traditional market square yet in a modern setting.

More Than Just A Market - The Farmers Market in Bundall

Relatively new on the market scene is the Bundall Farmers Market. This delightful market is a combination of the traditional, portable farmers markets of old and the supermarket style stability of the Ferry Road Markets. Bundall presents aisles of locally grown fruits and vegetables, as is expected of a farmer’s market however they also welcome locals who offer fresh meat, fish, bread, fresh brewed coffee, locally made cheese, flowers and food tents who serve customers a variety of foods including breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Catering for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free, there is something for everyone who wishes to indulge on their relaxing Sunday morning all within a short walk to the waterfront and playgrounds.

Traditional farmers markets are transforming our beautiful beach city into a foodie haven. There is very little that cannot be discovered – and devoured – on the Gold Coast.